Art Parties

Learn painting and drawing techniques and have fun doing it with friends.  Consider having your birthday party with us for a fun art session.

Art parties of up to six participants can be arranged in the main floor studio.  For larger groups up to 25 participants, a fully finished basement is available with a kitchen and bathrooms.  There is no minimum number of participants required to host a party.  The party starts with an art class followed by a break (typically for food which may be brought in by the host or catered).  Any remaining time may be spent with games or working on the art project.  Most birthday parties are for two hours.

Participants may take their artwork home at the end of the event or leave them in the studio for pick-up the following day.

Price for the event is based on the number of participants and typically ranges from $25 to $45 per person plus HST depending on the size of the art project, the age of participants and length of the event.  All art supplies, including the cost of the canvas is included in the price.

Please contact us for more information.

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